Last Train

It is dawn and we’re on moving train.

Roads running besides me,

I cannot chase them.


The crows are full,

Nearly air to breathe.

But, I laugh out loud.

Besides me, I

Find my best friend smiles.

He has a warm big smile and cheery voice.

We talks about future.

How we plan to works together,

And happiness seems dissolve to the air surface.

The train stops,

He walks his own way home

And I take the other road.

We don’t shake hands, just gave goodbye.

I walk on my own and move on,

But somehow I cannot see him anymore,

He is lost in my vision,

He is disappear to nowhere,

I don’t know.

I want to turn around,

Back to our last train. But,

Dark reveal at my back.

Road I’ve taken had lost,

Not in the sight of a glace

I could find my path to him.

I close my eyes then,

Whisper to the wind,

Try to tell him I am here.

I wait too long,

Not even the echoes of his hushes I could hear.

He leaves me alone.

I chose to do the same.


My Heart

I think of you and I cry

My heartache, My heart blossoming ’cause of you


I know to push you away from my life

is like trying to throw away my own heart


I’m falling for you back then

and love you today

Love is not something I can easily erase

finally I realize

because of you.


In my life

You will always be you

and I will let my heart fond of you

But, I will also let other to come

to comfort my heart

So one day I will love someone more than I love you

-19 Nov 2010

Forever Spring

Tress besides winding road never turns brown

Rain which should fall never did

Sun keep rising warmly

Snow, just a story inside books I read

No winter season in my heart

Your smile catches all the sadness

Keep me in land of rainbows

Words you speak of embrace loneliness

With you I believe there’s happiness only

Day passes by and you never keep me in grief

Autumn fall just in reverie

Not in my world when there’s you next to me

I love you

As the flowers blossoms beautifully

When the sprinkle of love all around me

It is you

The one who give me forever spring

Act II: She and I

“What’s inside you dear?” she asked softly,

“Why you didn’t adore our goddess of night? Our light to guide the path,”

She asked me about my heart

And I can only sigh

I don’t have the answer she wants

I didn’t looked at the moon because of its warmth

I try to understand if the moon borrowed its light

And if the sun lost his love

I know there’ll be no beam for the night

I don’t know who will help me to cross the street

I would not chose to guess

I will give only the words of thanks

Not more than I could offer

“I didn’t see the moon,” I said.  “I see the sunlight coloured the moon,”

…to be continued

Act I: Moon Love and Mr. Hunchback

She looked upon the moon and said,

“O! Those warm light comforting night,”


What would happen if the sun hatred the moon?

And that face of moon suddenly faded

Will she feels comforting?

Time moves on

She forgets the moon

And fall in love with the ferryman of Scarborough

She never meet him but charmed

By the whispering good of the villages

They said he was incomparable

But what would happen if he was Hunchback of Notre Dame

Will she sees his heart instead of appearance?

Oh, would you find you in hers?

What would you do if there’s no sun?

Would you still trust the moon?

What would you do if the one you adore, different from what you’d been thought of?

Would you loved?

……to be continued


Friendship is when we get lost, they guide us back

When we’re too angry to speak, they keep quite

When we’re gone, they wait…

If we hurt a lot

It means we loved too much

If we cry so hard

It means we broke too hard

It is friendship that could cause such emotion.


True friendship is a journey that survived and through it all…

With love,

To my best friend.

17 Agustus 2010, Sedikit Kisah Hati

Aku merindu sedalam langit yang tak berbatas

dalam setiap hembusan nafas.

Embun-embun cinta bertautan

lembut angin membelai, menepis keraguan

Cinta datang bersama bisikan rinduku

yang membawaku terhanyut dalam rasa

yang tak mudah terungkapkan

inilah cinta, rasaku

murni tanpa cela

seperti kuntum bunga

setekun sang pembuat mutiara

selapis demi selapis diselimuti

hingga indah nanti jadinya

Ketulusan telah membawaku

menikmati rasa akan arti sebuah harapan

cinta membuatku memahami kepedihan

belajar menepisnya

dan mengajariku kerelaan